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Flat Screen Installation

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If you want to hang your Flat Screen Tv on the wall, all you have to do is keep reading.

We will walk you though the whole process from picking wich wall you want to hang it on & how to know whhat supplies and tools will be needed.

The first step is to grab your phone and walk into every room in your house & take a picture of each wall that you wish to hang a Flat Screen TV. Take notes on where each electrical outlet & cable out are around each room.

Remember that every Flat Screen TV needs 2 things, power & signal.

Now that you have choosen each wall now it is time to choose what type of TV Mount you will need to install on each wall.

If you have chosen to hang a Flat Screen TV in a corner than you will need a “Full Motion Mount”. What this means is that the mount will have to have a arm that comes out away from the wall and swivels & Tilts.

If you have chosen to simply hang Flat Screen TV on a flat wall you will need a TV Mount that sits flush against wall.

Now you need to measure each Flat Screen TV diagnaly to get the exact size.

When you purchase a TV Mount this is how they are sold depending on the actuall size of TV.

Now it is time to figure out if the wall is hollow, drywall, cement or has insulation.

If there is no electrical outlet directly under where you want tv mounted then you will have to be creative and see what options you have to get your tv power.

You will also have to do the same for the signal cable. The goal is to have a power wire and a signal wire coming out the wall just below the TV Mount that you install.

Any questions that you have can be answered simply by watching our how to videos.

The basic tools & supplies that you will need are as follows:

  • Drywall saw

  • Drill

  • Drill Bits both cement and wood

  • Wall anchors for both cement & drywall.

  • Tape Measure

  • Pencil

  • Extention Cord

  • HDMI Cable

  • Coax Cable

  • Wall Plates

  • Surge Protector

  • Patience

Good Luck!

Now that you have all the proper tools and supplies it is now time install the mount brackets to your the back of Flat Screen TV.

With the Flat Screen TV laying flat on its front, be carful no to scratch the screen. I have found it pretty easy to simply lay TV on a bed or couch while installing brackets.

Once brackets are installed take the mount and slide it on the tv brackets as if it were hanging on the wall.

Take a measurement from the top of the tv to the top of the TV Mount.

Figure out how high you want the top of your Flat Screen TV to be when hanging on wall.

Always take the measurement from the cieling down. Trust Me! This will save you time for sure.

Always try to center the TV in the room either from wall to wall or center of furniture layout.

Now it is time mark exactly where your tv mount is going to be installed.

When installing mount on a cement wall use Tapcons, this will save you time as well.

If you are installing mount on drywall then use 100lb anchors.

Remember if you have any questions use are how to videos to answer them.

Now you can cut a hole in the wall with your drywall saw, Simply trace a wall plate just below tv mount and do the same directly below 12’’ from the ground.

Now you can start running all needed cables in the wall.

Now that the Tv Mount is on the wall it is time to hang your Flat Screen TV on the wall.

HOw does it look?

CHeck all connections and test your New Flat Screen TV.

Flat Screen Installation can become very easy once you have done one.

Any questions feel free contact us here.

Check out all of Flat Screen TV Mounts that we offer here.

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